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Up-and-Coming Events

OFH3 Trail #213 (Sun. 7/9) Trail!

When: July 9, 2017 2:00pm

Where: Weverton Cliffs Parking lot - Weverton Cliffs Road, Knoxville, MD 21758

D-erections: 340 West from Frederick, turn onto 67 North, Turn Right onto Weverton Cliffs Road

What: Trail. With beer. And Shiggy.

NOTES: Shiggy! (7 out of 10). Y'all wanks know us... be prepared to be wet, tired, scratched up, and dirty! Four legged friends on leashes are fine for trail, not for on after.

On-after: Dan's Restaurant & Tap House - 3 North Main Street, Boonsboro, MD 21713

Hares: Whiney Little B*tch, Just Michelle, and I Nose A Guy

Hash Cash: $5

I Nose A Guy's Cell: [redacted, see FB]

Hares and Trail On Tap:


Deep Thought of the Day


History Lessons

OFH3 Trail #211 (Sat. 6/24) Clue Trail

What: A hashing style Game of Clue trail Yes that means a drunken murder mystery. Come on out and find out who did what where. Was it GDOT at the Intersection with the Hashit or Vino at the Shot Check with the Dildo? There is only one way to find out. Come dressed as your favourite clue character or just bring your version of a murder weapon and see if you can figure out the mystery before it is too late.

When: June 24th 2017/Sign-in @ 1330.

Where: Little Bennett Regional Park, 25200 Clarksburg Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Hare: Special Ed Forces and accomplices.

Hash Cash: $5 / virgins $0

On-on-on-after: Bennigans, 23315 Frederick Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Friendly's: An A to A combined trail for both runners and walkers. Alcoholic Slushies and good beer. Parking is limited so car pool please.

OFH3 Trail #209 (Sun. 6/4) 3rd Leg of Tour Duh Hash "A Date with Mango"

When: Sunday June 4, 2017 - 1:30pm

What: This trail, the 3rd leg of Tour Duh Hash, is going to be a lot like a date with Mango. You'll get a little drunk along the way. Parts of you will end up wet. You'll definitely get dirty. At the end of it, you'll be scratched up and bruised. Then in a couple of days parts of you will end up itchy, and you might have a rash somewhere.

Where: Monocacy MARC train station, 7800 Genstar Dr, Frederick MD 21704

Hash Cash: $5, and if we decide to bring the square $5.69 (but don't count on it)

Time: 1330, Hares away at 1400

Important trail details: There will be ticks, so find a "friend" to check you. Bring a dry bag. Bug spray, TechNu are highly advised. Trail is dog friendly (on after won't be). Bring a vessel, please.

On after: Barley and Hops, 5473 Urbana Pike 21704. Not dog friendly.

Hares: Mango Bango and Gnome Gnuts

Hare cell: Mango [redacted, see FB or e-mail oldfrederickh3[at]gmail[dot]com for more details.]

OFH3 Trail # 206 (Sun. 5/7) Cinco (really Siete) de Mayo Hash!

When: Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 1PEE EM, Hares away at 1:30!!!

Where: Rock Creek Regional Park, Derwood, MD 20855 ( This is the parking lot on the east side of the lake)

D-erections: From Avery Rd, head west on Needwood (yeah, I do) Lake Dr. and turn left (south) onto Beach Dr. The parking lot is at the end of the road.

What: O-fucking-le, bitches! Es el septimo de mayo, pero nosotros vamos beber como es el quinto. In other words...time to drink, white people! And ginger, and black, and pink, and blah, blah, blah, we're all God's beautiful children. ¡Vamonos! It's the Cinco (Siete) de Mayo hash!

NOTES: You're gonna get wet, you're gonna get pricked, you're gonna get sweaty...and that's before we even get on trail, so yeah...bring a dry bag. Ticks!! Fucking ticks!!! Prepare accordingly.

On-after: Juanita's Restaurant, 15883 Redland Rd, Derwood, MD 20855 because OLE!

Hares: Tail Hooker, Ballzheimers, and Clit Eastwood

Hash Cash: $5

Hares' Cells: REDACTED, See FB.

OFH3 Trail # 204 (Sun. 4/22) Mother Nature Tutu Trail

When: Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 10:00 am - Hares away at 10:30!!!

Where: Little Bennett Regional Park 26031-26109 Prescott Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871.

Directions: Go straight, past the golf course parking lot, and through the gate to the horse trailer parking area. You'll see a picnic area in the back of the clearing.

What: Mother Earth invites you on her special day to cum and enjoy the shiggy. Bonus: its a 2-2 trail, wear a tutu!

NOTES: Nature's finest shiggy (ranging from 4-7 out of 10). Shiggy socks are a must. Bring a dry bag, you will get wet. Consider wearing hats and long sleeves, there are ticks. Four legged friends are fine for trail, not for on after.

On-after: Buffalo Wild Wings 3335 Ijamsville, MD 21754. Don't let the address fool you, it's in Urbana.

Hares: Unleash the Furrry and Just Mike

Hash Cash: $5

OFH3 Trail # 203 (Sun. 4/2) April Fool's Hash

When: April 2nd, 2017 - 1:30 pm - Hares away at 2 (or earlier)!

Where: Il Forno's Pizzeria, Westridge Square Shopping Center, 1035 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21702

Well, to start with it's on the second, so there's that... Be ready to prank, and be pranked. We will be live haring. We haven't scouted, and probably won't even discuss it before we head on out to live hare.

Wow, what a total surprise it'll be if we find it back to the beer!

Trail will be: A to A OR A to B. It's April Fools. Deal with it.

Details: LIVE!! Cause that's the way all hashes should be. Short, flat and dry. Or not. Did I mention we are going to totally free ball this thing. (And yes, that includes Mustache)

Hares: Mustache Cash, I Nose a Guy, PalmPilot

Hash Cash:$5, cause beer.

On After: Il Forno's Pizzeria

OFH3 Trail # 201 (Sun. 3/5) BEER!! And trail...

When: March 5, 2017 - 1:30 pm - Hares away at 2!

Where: Up the rear of Monocacy Village Shopping Center, 902 North East Street, Frederick, MD 21701

D-erections: Park in front, saunter up the rear. Look for wankers and you've done it right.

What: Trail. With beer. And Shiggy.

NOTES: Some shiggy (3 out of 10). Should stay dry! Four legged friends on leashes are fine for trail, not for on after.

On-after: Rockwell's Brewery! That's right wankers! ANOTHER NEW BREWERY!

Hares: Nacho Taco and I Nose A Guy

Hash Cash: $5

I Nose A Guy's Cell: [REDACTED, SEE FB.]

OFH3 Trail #200 (Sat. 2/18) Bicentennial Spirited Beer Hashiversary

On this, the 200th hashiversary of ye olde frederick hash house harriers kennel. We welcum you to taste, smell, feel, lick, and delight in all the pleasures that our sweet, sexy city has to offer.

What:Cum sample Frederick's finest ales and spirits.

When: 1:30 (Hares away at 2!), on Saturday 2/21/17

Where: DTF MARC Station Parking Lot (on the back side of the tracks) -- loop around via S Wisner Street

Hares: Snatch, Just Kelly, Just Rachel

Theme: Booze. Wear your drinking pants.

Hash Cash: $5

Shiggy: 2.5

Trail: A 2 A

On After: Attaboy Brewery

Bring: Hash Cash, ID, Wallet (cash preferred), Warm Clothes

Don't Bring: Pets, Kids, Bad Attitudes

This is a crawl from establishment to establishment. BYOB (buy.your.own.booze). You can expect shot checks :)

Trail #199 (Sunday 2/5) OFH3's 199th trail, with Just Chris & Gnome Gnuts

When:Start time is 1:30 PM

Where: 11557 Robinwood Dr. Hagerstown

On after: Benny's pub @ 49 Eastern BLVD N.

They will have tv's set up to watch the big game

Hares: Gnome Gnuts and Just Chris

Ladies, gentleman and the rest of you dysfunctional degenerates come join Just Chris as he lays his virgin trail. Come gaze at him as he slides his hand in that glorious bag of white flour for the first time and see the orgasmic look on his face as he goes in dry and comes out moist with excitement.

Welcome to OFH3's 199th trail. The theme of the trail is the Super bowl. It will be a competition between the SLOW AND STEADY all night long Turkeys and the Why take all night to do it once when you can go fast and hard OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN Eagles. Come dressed supporting your favorite football team, dress as a football personality, and special helmets are highly encouraged . If you do not have a team to represent then represent either the Turkeys rocking burgundy and brown or the Eagles rocking silver and blue. If anyone needs crash space it is available just let us know.

Trail #198 (Wednesday 2/1) HUMP DAY PICK UP TRAIL!!! "Your Vegas is Showing" starring Nanny Pokely

WHAT: Hump Day Hash

WHEN: 6:30 p.m.; hares away 7 p.m.

WHERE: Toppings Pizza, 5330 New Design Rd, Frederick MD 21703

HARES: Nanny Pokely and Mango Bango

THEME: Your Vegas is Showing!




FUR (baby)/Stroller FRIENDLY: Dogs yes, stroller no

ON AFTER: Beef O'Brady's, 6959 Crestwood Blvd, Frederick MD 21703

BRING: $5, Head Lamps (guys it's gonna be dark out)a whistle, virgins, chalk, a thirst for the golden nectar, change of shoes/socks

DIRECTIONS: Park to the side/back of Toppings Pizza. Look for your two hot af hares.

Remember: What happens on trail, stays on trail.

Hare contact: Mango Bango [redacted]

Get in the mood:


It'll be the BEST trail you run all day!

Trail #197 (Saturday 1/28) The Great Crawl of China, Year of the Cock

What better way to Rong in the year of the Cock than with a little Dong and a lot of Spermit?

Who: Rong Duck Dong and Spermit the Frog (virgin lay!)

What: A shitty, short (in distance), stumble around town.

Where: Start/End is at 723 Trail Ave, Frederick, MD (Trail is A to A). graciously provided by Just Holta and Just Mike

When: Gather at 1:30pm, pack away at 2pm

Why: Do you really need a reason to drink? Ok, we're celebrating the new moon following the winter solstice. Don't worry, Gregorians, we promise it's a thing.

Hash Cash: $5

DO Bring: Weather-appropriate clothing, vessel, ID and extra monies (trail will include bars-drink to your heart's content).

DON'T Bring: 4-legged-friends, firecrackers

As you may have been able to discern from above, this will be a VERY drinker-friendly trail. Stretch your livers, work out your rides from end circle, you will be drunk before end circle.

COSTUMES? Come dressed as your Chinese zodiac animal (confused? go here: http://sanfacon-mills.com/assets/images/New_Chinese.jpg)

ON-AFTER: Brewer's Alley (a pleasant walk from Start/End)

Trail #196 (Saturday 1/21) Whiny Li'l Bitch and Just Kelly's - It's fu*kin cold and we are freezing our a$$es off Trail

Calling all Winter Wankers!

Come bitch moan and complain about everything in true Whiny style while running Just Kelly's first la*d trail and freezing your a$$es off with OFH3.

When: Assuming we're all still alive after the inauguration ... it'll be on the 21st of Jan - 2017

Where: 512 W South Street- Frederick, MD. Street parking.

Hares: Whiny Little Bitch and Just Kelly.

Why: It's OFH3- do you really need a reason to get sh*t faced?!

Hash cash: $5

Hare Notes: A-A Urban Trail with minimal shiggy. Bring hash CASH, VESSEL, VIRGINS and a bad attitude to Bitch and Complain about everything!!!

Hare Notes: Four legged friends are WELCOME on trail, but not at On After.

On After: Blue Side Tavern, Frederick. MD

Crash space availabe, post on the OFH3 Facebook site and someone will take you up. We love you visiting wankers!!

Trail #195 (Sunday 1/1) "I Resolve to Hash the First Sunday of Every Month"

The Long Story:

The Stars and Moons have aligned people! A pick-up hash Friday? Huzzah! Then a New Years Hash Saturday? Incredible. Right into our normal First Sunday Hash, which also happens to be New Years Day? Totes Amazeballs.

Get your tired, broken, hung-over selves off of Sped and Sours floor, and walk over to Hood for a LIVE trail (more alive than you're gonna feel, I reckon). PalmPilot and Lucky Pierre will be there to make sure you regret that resolution to r*n more this year!

The Short Story:

Start: Hood College-exact spot TBD

Time: 1:30pm January 1st, 2017

Hares: Lucky Pierre and PalmPilot

Details: Hares away at 1:40, pack away 1:50

Hash Cash: $5

Trail#194 (Saturday 12/31) New Year's Eve Hash

Hares: Sped, Sour, Poly

When: 1:30pm New Year's Eve

Where: Weis Market, 6093 Spring Ridge Pkwy, Frederick MD

This is the last trail of the year and the last day before you attempt to try and be a better person, start exercising more, or stop drinking so much. So it's time to have as much fun as possible. This trail will be on the shiggier side of things and has a tunnel so bring head lamps if you're really scared of the dark. Not quite sure what special surprises we will plan for this but it will be legend "wait for it" ary.

Hash Cash: $5 (in actual cash)

On after: Is a pot luck style new years eve party at [REDACTED] with a party until the wee hours of the morning and breakfast casserole mimosas. Hosts will provide some beer, food, and mixed drinks but please bring some stuff to share. Party games will be played so if you have any games bring em. Crash space is available but let SpEd know so he can plan accordingly. Or plan with another hasher to crash at their place.

Trail#193 (Friday 12/30) One Last 2016 Disappointment: Revenge of the SeC*nt!!

First of all, I don't know how you all do events, so I'm going Rogue (One) and just making a FB/web event to declare this a pick-up trail.

Hares: SeC*nt

When: Friday December 30th at 5:30PM

Here's the plan: 5:30PM show, 6:00 go

Start: Pack meets at 39.365934, -77.427810

Details: Basically, park at AKA Friscos: 4632 Wedgewood Blvd, Frederick, MD 21703 and meet in the back by the water.

Meet outside, again unless weather is just a nightmare. Then inside upstairs.

On After: Flying Dog Brewery. WE HAVE A TOUR RESERVATION!

On On After (Past about 8:30 pm): Casa de Afrack

Forecast: Cloudy. Barely above freezing

Trail will have shiggy, is NOT barefoot or stroller friendly. Mostly not dog friendly, unless they're ok crossing creeks

Bring $5, a whistle, flash(flesh?)light, a vessel, virgins, a thirst for the golden nectar, and a growler!!

Trail#192 (Saturday 12/17) Buddy's Naughty Jaunt (Pub Crawl)

When: Saturday Dec 17th at 1:30PM


Hares: Nacho Taco and League of Her Gnome

Come trace Buddy the Elf's naughty jaunt from the night before. Follow his boozy footsteps to see where he's hiding from Santa!

Arrival: Pack gathers at 1:30pm

On Out: Hares away at 2pm

Details: Get your workout done in the morning, so you can get your drink on in the afternoon...

Hash cash is $5.00

Trail#191 (Sunday 12/4) Nauty or Nice Trail

When: Sunday Dec 4th at 1:30PM

Where: Stanley Park, 1023 Kosman Alley Frederick, MD 21701

Hares: Just Nathan, Just Jenn, Sped, and Sour

What to Bring:

Trail is A to B but not to far away

Details: It's the day Santa makes his list. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. Oh my Santa is a creeper and really what would old, overweight man want you to do if he was peeking through your window in the middle of the night. Back to the point two virgin hares, a gimp and a disgruntled women will attempt to help you evade Santa's judgmental eyes for fun that would surely get you on the naughty list

Trail#190 (Saturday 11/19) Hashy Spanksgiving

Cum to trail and baste your breasts, stuff your turkey, and drink copious amounts of beer!

HARES: I Got Blown By A Guy Once...Twice and Just Laura

WHEN: Saturday November 19th 1:30pm

WHERE: Just Laura's House [REDACTED]


ON AFTER: Blue Sky Bar and Grill, 10519 Old National Pike, New Market, MD. 21774

DETAILS: This is an A to A trail.

Please park in VISITOR parking along N Steamboat or S Steamboat. Plenty of parking but carpooling is suggested. There is plenty of space at Just Laura's to change before On After. Yes, there WILL be an On After After! Keep your eyes open for the event to go up soon!

This will be my farewell for now trail so come out and toss a couple back with me. -Twice

Trail#189 (Sunday 11/6) Presidential ERECTIONS!

What: Four whores and 69 years ago... Our Presidential Candidates were not as laughable as they are today. So let's run this shit into the ground and celebrate before the world is turned on its ass on Election Night!

Cum dressed as a President Erect or any political pound-it you desire. Let's make Murica great again!

When: Nov 6, year of our good Lawd 20-mofo-16, start time 1:30 pee em - HARES Away 2:00 pee em (I'm sure Tinx will pee more than 2 times...) That's right Wankers! This is a LIVE HARE!

Where: Frederick MARC Train parking lot (behind Target), 5437 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704 (39.383352, -77.395408)

D-erections: Instead of turning into the parking lot for Target, continue on the service drive until it dead ends into the train station parking lot. Look for wankers in costumes and you've done it right.

What: Trail. With beer. And shots. And Shiggy. And Water... And you should probably bring a head torch ('cause you know we like to go down)

NOTE: Be sure to bring your ID and some cash on trail. Some shiggy, some water. Not dog friendly, we're too close to the main roads. And we are serious about the head torches... and dry bags... (Have you met us?!)

On-after: Tilted Kilt - 5605 Spectrum Dr, Frederick, MD 21703

Hares: Olfucktory & Can U Not Tinkle

Hash Cash: $5


Trail #188 - Furrever Single! (Saturday 10/15)

Hares: Afrack and Mango Bango

Date/Time: Trail on Saturday 10/15, start time 1:30pm.

Start Location:[REDACTED]

Details: Heeeeey Hashers! It's time to get geared up for a fun trail!

No one should be surprised by this theme: Cats and Glitter! Break out your feline costumes and shake a little glitter all over those kitties. This trail is brought to you by Afrack and Mango Bango: OFH3's crazy cat ladies! Let your inner cat lady shine!

Here are details for trail:

When: 1:30 pm gather, pack away at 2.


What to bring: 5$ hash cash, change of clothes. Just your standard trail with a few gimmicks thrown in. Constumes on trail encouraged.

Can't make trail but want to come to circle? Awesome! We want you to come play with us. Trail is A to A. (Surprise ending: it is at my house). We will do circle in my back yard.

On after: Glory Days Grill (1305 W. 7th Street) Food and beer aplenty here.

On after after: Hanging and drinking back at my house later. We will prob run out of beer at circle, so bring some more alcohol if you wanna keep drinking.

I have PLENTY of crash space! Out of towners very welcome! I have spare rooms and tons of floor space. If you think you might drink too much, bring an air mattress (I have hard wood floors) and crash on the floor. I would rather have 30 drunk bodies strewn about than have anyone drive home.

Any questions: text hares Afrack or Mango Bango.

Trail #187 - 4th Annual Fredneck TRASH HASH!!! (Sunday 10/2)

Hares: Palm Pilot and Taste the Rainbow

Date/Time: Trail on Sunday 10/2, start time 1:30pm.

Start Location: Kidwiller Park, Fredneck.

Trail Details: It was gawddam gonna happen eventual. I got blackout drunk in mexico. Again. This time, she wakes me up swingin a peace of paper around. I can't read the freekin thing. It's in mexicish. Turns out, it's a wedding paper. Crap.

This ain't gonna be good for my sex life. But you know what's good for yours? The 4th annual Fredneck Hash, that's what.

We gonna "Celebrate" this cluster f@#%.

Aint no Fredneck wedding seriously gonna have a white dress involved, so we expect ALL you wankers to wear a dress. Prom dress, formal dress, skank dress etc. If it aint somewheres near 1500k, y'all gonna be punished. Y'all where white and there's gonna be some cat fightin

That's right, this here is OFH3's first ever DRESSy Trash HASH

Where was I? oh, right.

As y'all remember from years dun gone - and nun of y'all that've been there remembers crappall after hares away - there's some stuff to remember.

Stuff to Remember:

a-bring a damn vessel. Run with it. You will be punished ifn ya don't. and NO you will NOT like that.

b-be trashy. Yeah, you got that covered already

c-bring a whistle

4-Chalk. Bring it. You gonna need to.

c-This here is a LIVE trail as GAWDALMITEY intended every trail to be!!!

4-Trail is A to A prime (or A to B if you are a whiney old traveling hasher) Bring your stuff with you if you need stuff to hash or shut your pie hole and run back to your car.

c-Will there be cake? Come hash to find out. And check the photos in the morning to know if you had any.

d-BRING A VESSELL or be punished.

$6 hash cash. That's right SIX goddamn dollars. The other dollar goes toward my surgery. yup, that suregery.

Hash starts at 1:30pm. Hares out at 1:45pm, Pack away at 2:00pm.

On After: at Callahan's cuz Frederick