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Want to Learn More about Hashing?

Better yet, want to be a hare?

The standard tag-line is that hash clubs are drinking groups with a running problem. OFH3 is no exception — we love to run, walk, crawl, electric boogalo-whatever our way to beer, song and shiggy. Frederick tends to have more trails in the city-way, rather than mud-dogging it through the woods or melting in the suburbs, by virtue of having a small-yet-intensely-complicated Downtown. That said, we love to get wet or get lost away from Market St.

History of Hashing

Short summary — harrier running clubs were in the UK as racing groups, modern hash house harriers as we know it can be traced back to ex-pats in Kuala Lumpur, then spread all over the world.

For a pretty extensive history, check out here. For a more abbreviated excerpt with the basic premise:

The only thing required to have a Hash Run is a hare to set a trail with paper, flour, sawdust, chalk, etc. or a combination of these items. Length varies, but a reasonable trail would be between 4-7 miles, preferably over a cross county terrain, but many clubs run through city streets. Trail can be set live, meaning the hare gets a 12-15 minute head start, or set dead, with the trial being completed prior to the pack setting off. With the trail being set, all that is left is a willing pack to make chase. The sheer brilliance of Hashing is the complete austerity of it. You only need something to mark the trail, a hare to set the trail, and someone to follow.

Guide to First-time Hares

What makes a good hare? Preparation, for a start. If you're interested in haring, contact our Hare Raiser Oldfucktory via Facebook, or send MM an e-mail at oldfrederickh3@gmail.com. Ask for advice, and try to find an experienced co-hare.

For a more specific guide, check out BAH3's great guide to hares here.