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Welcome to Old Frederick Hash House Harriers

Western Maryland's home of Non-Anthrax white powder since 2000!

Where do we run? Somewhere around Fredneck!

When do we run? 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday of the month, now that we're bi......monthly. 1:30pm unless otherwise ordered.

Why do we run? Because we like beer and trail!

Hashing is a worldwide group of runners who enjoy following a trail that runs over hill and dale, through muck and mire, singing some songs, and drinking some beer along the way. And some more beer at the end. We hash near Frederick, Maryland.

21 years and older only.

Trail #187 - 4th Annual Fredneck TRASH HASH!!! (Sunday 10/2)

Hares: Palm Pilot and Taste the Rainbow

Date/Time: Trail on Sunday 10/2, start time 1:30pm.

Start Location: Kidwiller Park, Fredneck.

Trail Details: It was gawddam gonna happen eventual. I got blackout drunk in mexico. Again. This time, she wakes me up swingin a peace of paper around. I can't read the freekin thing. It's in mexicish. Turns out, it's a wedding paper. Crap.

This ain't gonna be good for my sex life. But you know what's good for yours? The 4th annual Fredneck Hash, that's what.

We gonna "Celebrate" this cluster f@#%.

Aint no Fredneck wedding seriously gonna have a white dress involved, so we expect ALL you wankers to wear a dress. Prom dress, formal dress, skank dress etc. If it aint somewheres near 1500k, y'all gonna be punished. Y'all where white and there's gonna be some cat fightin

That's right, this here is OFH3's first ever DRESSy Trash HASH

Where was I? oh, right.

As y'all remember from years dun gone - and nun of y'all that've been there remembers crappall after hares away - there's some stuff to remember.

Stuff to Remember:

a-bring a damn vessel. Run with it. You will be punished ifn ya don't. and NO you will NOT like that.

b-be trashy. Yeah, you got that covered already

c-bring a whistle

4-Chalk. Bring it. You gonna need to.

c-This here is a LIVE trail as GAWDALMITEY intended every trail to be!!!

4-Trail is A to A prime (or A to B if you are a whiney old traveling hasher) Bring your stuff with you if you need stuff to hash or shut your pie hole and run back to your car.

c-Will there be cake? Come hash to find out. And check the photos in the morning to know if you had any.

d-BRING A VESSELL or be punished.

$6 hash cash. That's right SIX goddamn dollars. The other dollar goes toward my surgery. yup, that suregery.

Hash starts at 1:30pm. Hares out at 1:45pm, Pack away at 2:00pm.

On After: at Callahan's cuz Frederick

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The Point
See you on trail!