Pick 'n Choose

Welcome to Old Frederick Hash House Harriers

Western Maryland's home of Non-Anthrax white powder since 2000!

Where do we run? Somewhere around Fredneck!

When do we run? 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday of the month, now that we're bi......monthly. 1:30pm unless otherwise ordered.

Why do we run? Because we like beer and trail!

Hashing is a worldwide group of runners who enjoy following a trail that runs over hill and dale, through muck and mire, singing some songs, and drinking some beer along the way. And some more beer at the end. We hash near Frederick, Maryland.

21 years and older only.

Hash Happy Hour

Upcoming: Just Nathan and Just Jenn, Wednesday November 14th, 4pm-whenever at JoJo's Restaurant and Taphouse

Trail#191 (Sunday 12/4) Nauty or Nice Trail

When: Sunday Dec 4th at 1:30PM

Where: Stanley Park, 1023 Kosman Alley Frederick, MD 21701

Hares: Just Nathan, Just Jenn, Sped, and Sour

What to Bring:

Trail is A to B but not to far away

Details: It's the day Santa makes his list. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. Oh my Santa is a creeper and really what would old, overweight man want you to do if he was peeking through your window in the middle of the night. Back to the point two virgin hares, a gimp and a disgruntled women will attempt to help you evade Santa's judgmental eyes for fun that would surely get you on the naughty list

Tired of clicking on links that lead to private pages? Join our Facebook group at OFH3. It's the fastest way to keep in touch with your fellow hashers, runners, and rogues.

Need a ride from the rural territories to a run? Have some Hefeweizen you need to get rid of? Email fearless leader GDOT and Mismanagement by emailing oldfrederickh3@gmail.com.

The Point
See you on trail!